Tales of a Dying Star

"Kristoph skillfully connects three independent perspectives to demonstrate how an individual choice, whether self-serving or for the greater good, can create a ripple of consequences in unexpected ways." -Publishers Weekly

"Concise and picturesque, with a wonderful balance between dialogue and description, this story is amazingly well-crafted. This book is a gem." -Manhattan Book Review

"Moving stories that feature plenty of conflict and drama, told by an author who doesn't hold back on the gritty details." -San Francisco Book Review

"Kristoph does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story. The character development is fantastic... the clearly descriptive apocalyptic setting permeates each page." -ReaderViews

"What marks Siege of Praetar out as a good read is that it manages to introduce a host of interesting characters and build a realistic world without ever becoming overly verbose. This is the sign of a quality writer, so fans of science fiction literature should seriously consider taking a look at David Kristoph's work." -StrangerViews

"Parts 2 and 3 of Siege of Praetar are certain to blow you away. Any fan of Dune will love Tales of a Dying Star - highly recommended." -Stuart Thaman


Ultimate Ending

Interview of David Kristoph and Danny McAleese on The Geek Speak Show

Interview of David Kristoph and Danny McAleese with Mark Gardner

Treasures of the Forgotten City featured on the Imagination Soup list of Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books

"Reading The Tower of Never There was the best experience I've had reading a choose your own adventure book." -Robert Zimmerman

"More immersive than the CYOA of old... there are puzzle solving mechanics that give it a special appeal for a modern audience. I think readers of all ages would get a kick out of [Ultimate Ending] and I certainly recommend it!" -Christopher Schmitz

"This is a great way to add a healthy dose of excitement to reading--even reluctant readers will be eager to get back into the adventure and see if they can bypass the many fatal traps that are sprinkled generously throughout. This is a roarin' good twisty read that puts tween readers at the helm of the story. Now THAT'S an adventure!" -The Baking Bookworm

"It was so much fun trying to navigate these books (as well as the rest of them) to find the Ultimate Ending. Overall, a brilliantly done Choose Your Own Ending series with danger, suspense, fear, adventure, mystery, and action at every turn." -Kid Book Reviewer

"I am thrilled with the return of this style of book. As a former teacher I would want the complete set in my classroom and a set in the school library too. It is like a live-action video game presented in print. Kids will have fun reading and participating in these wonderful stories--especially kids who might be reluctant readers. I highly recommend this series." -BabyBookworms