Book VI of Tales of a Dying Star


The prophet of a dead religion. The luminary of an obsolete insurgency. A mother yet again severed from her impetus of survival. 

Praetar, the yellow planet in the Sarian system, leeches away hope the way sand drinks water. But the Melisao Empire has been cast aside, and a new power--an old power--reigns again. How will the remnants of the past find their niche in this new world... or will they even try?


Praise for Tales of a Dying Star


"Kristoph skillfully connects three independent perspectives to demonstrate how an individual choice, whether self-serving or for the greater good, can create a ripple of consequences in unexpected ways." -Publishers Weekly

"Concise and picturesque... this book is a gem." -Manhattan Book Review

"Moving stories that feature plenty of conflict and drama." -San Francisco Book Review

"Kristoph does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story. The character development is fantastic... the clearly descriptive apocalyptic setting permeates each page." -ReaderViews