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Book V of Tales of a Dying Star


It was at the top of a sand dune, yellow haze blowing away in all directions, when the woman decided to die. But when she's captured at the last moment and denied escape, she must find a way to adapt and prove her worth as more than just a helpless prisoner. 

Meanwhile, Farrow's ragtag group of Freemen are caught between the manipulative Children of Saria and ruthless Melisao Peacekeepers. After being abandoned by his benefactors, can Farrow find a way to retake Praetar from its occupiers--and keep his men and women alive in the process?


Praise for Tales of a Dying Star


"Concise and picturesque... this book is a gem." -Manhattan Book Review

"Moving stories that feature plenty of conflict and drama." -San Francisco Book Review

"Kristoph does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story. The character development is fantastic... the clearly descriptive apocalyptic setting permeates each page." -ReaderViews

"An engaging dystopian morality play, told from all angles." -J.S. Morin

"Kristoph excels at realistic character creation that vividly brings the conflicts to life... Any fan of Dune will love Tales of a Dying Star.-Stuart Thaman, author of For We Are Many

"You will lose yourself in this world and these characters. These are stories with intensity, depth, action and heart." -Matt Bandstra, author of Elysian Skies

"These stories tangle together brilliantly, creating well-developed characters and world building that I've never seen before." -Tom Scanlan, author of The Orbit Series

"I devoured it. Simply couldn't put it down after about page fifty." -Mike Reads Books

"Excellent and vivid... like a space age Les Miserables." -Casca Green

"David Kristoph has a real talent for world-building... there is so much more I want to know about this universe." -Charles Nall, author of the Shatterspace series