Days Until Home

On a routine mining mission in the asteroid belt, the crew of the Kerwood is mired in their personal concerns: finishing quickly, getting home, and earning a fair share of the profits. That is, until the ship experiences catastrophic failure on the return journey.

Now they must put aside their petty worries if they’re to have any hope of getting home alive. Will the crew find a way to set a course for Earth with their payload, or will they discover the disaster was orchestrated by someone who doesn’t want them to return home at all?

Days Until Home is a 21-chapter collaborative web serial, written by David Kristoph, Greg Dragon, and Mark Gardner, concluded in the summer of 2016. Each writer wrote exclusively from the point of view of their faction, and each wrote as if their faction is responsible for the disaster and thwarting the other two factions. Near the end of the project, online readers voted on which faction they wanted to be the "bad guys" and the ending was written accordingly.