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Book IV of Tales of a Dying Star


The Exodus is in shambles, the Fleet captured and crumbled. Commander Jayce leads the remnants of the Gold Wing back to the planet's surface when an unexpected responsibility is thrust upon him. Will he step up to the challenge, or will the weight of duty crush him?

Meanwhile, the Children's forces march on Luccar, armed and prepared to attack the Empire and oust the false god's heir. Although Katy has risked her life for the cause more than most, there are those who still doubt her resolve. Will they manage to topple the Empire, and can Katy prove her dedication in the process?


Praise for Tales of a Dying Star


"Kristoph skillfully connects three independent perspectives to demonstrate how an individual choice, whether self-serving or for the greater good, can create a ripple of consequences in unexpected ways." -Publisher's Weekly

"Concise and picturesque... this book is a gem." -Manhattan Book Review

"Moving stories that feature plenty of conflict and drama." -San Francisco Book Review

"Kristoph does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story. The character development is fantastic... the clearly descriptive apocalyptic setting permeates each page." -ReaderViews