2015 Q2 Writing Review

I fricken LOVE statistics. I keep track of my daily, weekly, and quarterly writing progress. It's addicting, and it helps keep me moving forward. You can see my Q1 write-up here

Well Q2 is done, so it's time to see how things wound up. First, the week-by-week totals:

  • 4/6: 11,100 words written
  • 4/13: 4,883
  • 4/20: 7,322
  • 4/27: 6,265
  • 5/4: 9,628
  • 5/11: 4,726
  • 5/18: 8,337
  • 5/25: 8,301
  • 6/1: 10,493
  • 6/8: 8,931
  • 6/15: 9,429
  • 6/22: 10,771
  • 6/29: 14,656

Altogether a total of 114,842 words in April/May/June, my most productive quarter yet. The specific projects I worked on:

  • Pillars of Wrath: 67,232 words written in the 2nd draft (I added 10 new chapters). This is currently "resting" before I take a crack at a third draft. After that it should be ready for my beta readers!
  • Sword of Blue: Edited and published on April 17.
  • Drowned by Fire: 23,657 words written in the 2nd draft, sent to beta readers, edited, and published on June 26
  • Spore: 25,427 words written. This is a psycho-thriller that's been mulling around in my head and outlined since last Christmas. Finally carved out some time to work on it. So far I'm loving this book. I will probably be submitting it to agents when it's complete.

Aside from that, part of Siege of Praetar won Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Award! All printed copies of the book will now come with this fancy badge on the cover:

Here's hoping for another great quarter.