New Cover and Paperback Giveaway!

Ohh yeah. It's time to give away some free paperbacks!

I was pleased with the original cover for Siege of Praetar, but after working with the incredibly talented Milan Jaram on the covers for Sword of Blue and Drowned by Fire, I knew I wanted to get his touch on some of my older work. So I had him redesign the cover for the first book in the Tales of a Dying Star series:

For those of you who've read it, the new cover features Bruno, the self-titled Lord of the Station. I absolutely love it! The text really pops, and I think it brings some much-needed rejuvenation to the first book in the series. 

And I've got a big stack of these new paperbacks to give away! If you want one, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Visit the Siege of Praetar Amazon site
  2. Leave an honest review. Whether one-star or five-star, one sentence or ten paragraphs, so long as it's your honest opinion that's all that matters!
  3. Amazon will send you a confirmation email. It will look something like this:

Simply forward that confirmation email to along with your mailing address. That's it! I'll ship out a signed copy of Siege of Praetar within a day or so. And all you have to do is spend 20 seconds leaving an honest review. No raffles, no random drawings. Every single person who does this will get a free paperback copy!

I only have a limited number of copies, however, so this will only last until I run out. It's FREE, so what's stopping you?

NOTE: US addresses only, unfortunately. HOWEVER, if you live outside the US and leave a review, I'll be happy to send you an eBook copy of any of the remaining books in the series. 

Also, obviously there's no way for me to verify that a review is genuine. Someone might have never read the book, and will leave a phony review just to collect a free paperback. Sadly, there's not much I can do about this. But if you're one of those people, I hope that after receiving your copy of Siege of Praetar you go back and leave a genuine review (or edit your original review to reflect your true opinion). It's all that I ask!