Beta Readers Needed!

I'm currently looking for beta readers for my upcoming techno-thriller, Spore: A man suffering terrible sleep insomnia is given a chance at a normal life when he's admitted into a secretive drug trial at a remote facility, but when treatments begin he soon discovers the cure may be worse than the disease.

What would be required of you:

  1. I'll send you a pre-release copy of the book, in .MOBI or .PDF format. 
  2. Read it! 123,000 words, or just over 300 pages long.
  3. You'll send me general feedback by February 1. What you liked, what you didn't like, what was confusing, and any other general notes on the story.

Your reward when you're done:

  1. Signed copies of the entire Tales of a Dying Star series.
  2. Signed paperback and hardcover copies of Spore when it is eventually released.
  3. My undying gratitude.

Interested? Email me at with your name, reading/writing history, and a short description of why you'd make a great beta reader.