Beat my Bracket, Win a Book!

March Madness is here! Coincidentally, I've got a fat stack of signed paperback books burning a hole in my kitchen table. Why not combine the two?

So, here's the deal. I've created a tournament bracket that you can join here. Whoever wins the entire pool will received signed copies of the entire Tales of a Dying Star series! Five books, signed and delivered to your doorstep.

BUT WAIT--THERE'S MORE! (Insert Billy Mays voice) 

Anyone who outperforms my personal bracket (titled David Kristoph's Master Bracket) will get a signed copy of Siege of Praetar. And believe me--I totally suck at March Madness. My wife beat me last year by making her picks based on the cuteness of the school's mascot. I wish I were joking.


So that's the gist: join the pool, kick my ass, win a signed book. Sign up here and make your picks. It's free!