Who loves statistics? I sure as hell do. Here's how my week went, working on Tales of a Dying Star: Book III:

  • Mon: 1,000 words written
  • Tue: 1,000
  • Wed: 2,000
  • Thu: 1,000
  • Fri: 1,500
  • Sat: 1,700
  • Sun: 1,800
  • Total: 10,000

Keeping up with my 10k/week goal nicely, although it was a bit of a struggle churning out the last few hundred works yesterday. 

Here's a teaser for Book III:

The Melisao rain fell in sheets, running down Charlie’s neck and pooling at the spot where the bomb touched his skin, concealed beneath his Academy uniform.

I also finished editing the 2nd draft of Tales of a Dying Star: Book II, and will be sending it to beta readers in the next 24 hours. Although I don't dread editing the way a lot of writers do, the process has left my brain totally fried this past week. I'm excited to have time to start reading again--I've got some great stories sent to me that are beginning to pile up. You know who you are.