Beta Readers

Beta readers are pretty critical to the writing process. They vet the overall story and point out plot holes the author has become blind to. I've got a great core group of beta writers; without them Siege of Praetar would be a steaming pile of poop.

Still, I'm always on the look-out for more eyes, so I'll be accepting two new beta readers for Tales of a Dying Star: Book II. The process it pretty simple:

  • I send you a pre-released copy of the book
  • You read it within two weeks and tell me:
    1. What you liked
    2. What you didn't like
    3. What confused you

That's it! I also send personalized copies of the novel to all beta readers once it's printed, so you've got that going for you too.

Interested? Shoot me an email at and tell me why I should pick you!