M as in Mancy: A Fantasy Baseball Experiment (Week 5)

Wondering what all this M-business is about? Catch up here:

The Mancies are hitting on all cylinders. They're a well oiled machine. They're [insert other cliche metaphor or scrappy underdog analogy]. We won our matchup last week 9-2...

...which puts us firmly into 4th place.

That 5.42 ERA from my pitchers isn't the best, but you know who has two thumbs and doesn't care? This guy. The Mancies are all about quantity of pitching over quality, and last week the strategy worked as designed. 


  • Machado/Trumbo finally woke up and started justifying their high draft spots. 
  • Matt Carpenter? 4 HR and 20 TB last week. 
  • Mike Moustakas isn't on my team, but I've been trying to trade for him for three weeks and have been rejected each time. He was on my opponent's team last week and hit .174 with 1 RBI. You bet your ass that goes in THE GOOD column. 


  • While I was fighting for Wins/QS, Matt Harvey lost his start on Saturday, which was almost the first--and hopefully only--time I was ever screwed over by a big black dildo
  • Marcus Stroman shit the bed against the Yankees before leaving with an arm injury. All signs point to him being fine, but it's not as if I have much depth, here. 


  • Matt Albers was poised to grab some vulture saves for the Nats, so I picked him up for a few days. He rewarded my diligence by giving up a walk, a hit, and a HR in 0.1 IP of work. Thanks for your contribution to the Mancies, Matt. 
  • Manuel Margot is on my team to get me steals. Manuel Margot has not gotten me very many steals. Manuel Margot will not be on my team much longer if he does not start getting me steals. 

Here's how the Mancies look on the season, for my fellow statistics nerds.

The guys that smack the ball

The guys that smack the ball

The guys that toss the ball

The guys that toss the ball

In tangential news, I was in St Louis last weekend and visited Busch Stadium for the first time. It's a gorgeous stadium, and I had great seats... but the beer was seriously lacking. I think I walked probably 270 degrees around the concourse and never saw anything other than Budweiser or Bud Lite. Was I not looking in the right place? Is there some hidden Craft Beer Paradise in the only corner of the outfield I failed to check?