M as in Mancy: A Fantasy Baseball Experiment (Week 20)

Not sure what all this M business is about? Catch up here:

I don't have good news for you guys. The last two weeks have been an exercise in pain tolerance:

Mancy Week 21_1.PNG
Mancy Week 21_2.PNG

It's tough to win when your team's batting .215 with a 7.71 ERA. I'm honestly lucky the above weren't sweeps.


  • I added Mitch Moreland. He's been hitting .389 with 24 TB the past two weeks.
  • It took all goddamn season, but Manny Machado is finally looking good: .321 with 5 HR and 34 TB in the last two weeks.
  • Mark Melancon and Matt Belisle are pitching well for my bullpen. Too bad Melancon hasn't gotten the closer's role back. 


  • Literally everyone not mentioned above
  • Like, Mookie Betts is batting .240 the last two weeks. 
  • Guys like Mike Foltynewicz, Mike Leake, and Michael Wacha all have double-digit ERAs. A team just can't win relying on these types of starters.


  • INJURIES. Down the stretch I've lost all of the following to injuries: Michael Conforto, Matt Holliday, Mitch Haniger, Miguel Sano, Michael Brantley, and Matt Shoemaker. And that's just who I've lost in August. Roster depth has disappeared, and my pitching strategy of accumulating counting stats is no longer viable. 

I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm 7.5 games back from a playoff spot, and I play illmatic23 this week (yeah, that colluding douche) and Tony's Team next week. I have to hop 3 other players, and am no longer in control of my own destiny. 

Mancy Week 21_3.PNG

Pray to the Baseball Gods, friends, because I need all the help I can get.